We are Human Level.

An expert advisory firm that empowers progressive companies to be human rights confident.

Bridging the gaps in your business

We identify the gaps in your business when it comes to human rights, helping you build bridges between:
Human rights policies and practice on the ground
Headquarter-based workers, country-based workers and community members
Company representatives and external stakeholders
The world of human rights and environmental protection
In short, we help companies forge their own path when it comes to human rights – one that is clear, grounded in best practice, and focused on improving real-life outcomes for people.

Where we can take you

Between our experience helping to shape the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, years of lived experience both within companies and on the ground in supply chains, and granular insights into ecosystems within which human rights impacts occur – we live and breathe human rights.
By applying internally recognised human rights methodology throughout your business, we will help you:
  • Gain the confidence that human rights policies are being met, not just talked about
  • Get on the front foot when it comes to meeting evolving human rights, social and environmental risks
  • Move away from tempting quick fix solutions that may make matters worse for people on the ground
  • Find a way through the sometimes-competing expectations of employees, civil society organisations, investors and regulators

The support we offer

We meet the business where it is at – taking time to understand your specific eco-system and unique needs, providing support in the following areas:
  • Embedding a rights-respecting culture throughout the business
  • Driving meaningful stakeholder engagement
  • Conducting quality human rights impact assessments
  • Identifying the most salient human rights risks facing the business
  • Designing effective, outcomes-based mitigation measures
  • Developing quality, forward-looking remedy and grievance channels
  • Crafting effective performance indicators and tracking processes
  • Communicating openly, genuinely and with authenticity to stakeholders

Why Human Level?

We changed our name from Triponel Consulting to Human Level at the start of 2022. Why? First, because our team has expanded and we wanted a name that each and every person working with us can embody. But also, because we wanted to convey that business and human rights work is about people: people both working in and impacted by the private sector, and their realities.
Put simply, we strive to bring business – its practices, its gaze – back to the human level. Our name is a reminder of that driving vision, of what we see as the end goal of the work we do. To guide us, our values of empathy, courage, equality and joy shape how we behave - as individuals and professionals, and as a business.

Want to work with us?

As a small team of specialists, we are in high demand from companies and investors across the globe. We prioritise working with leaders of progressive-minded businesses who want to be at the forefront of transforming practices within their sector.
If that describes your business and its aspirations, we would be happy to explore how we might help you become human rights confident.