Our Impact Manifesto

We are at a crossroads.

The actions we take today will impact generations to come. Companies are pivotal to the sustainable, rights-respecting, net-zero future we aspire to.

Our mission is to empower companies of all shapes and sizes to be a part of the transformation ahead; to empower leaders across business to bring about change within their business.

We work with business to enable them to:

·       Be human rights proactive, not reactive

·       Put people at the heart of the transition to a sustainable economy

·       Embrace the opportunity to positively impact people and planet

·       Bring business back to the human level

This is our ‘Impact Manifesto.’ Welcome to our world.

Our Advisory Services

We work with companies to build practical solutions to place people – people of today, and people of tomorrow - at the heart of their business. We ground our work in international methodologies, company experiences and leading practices, knowledge of human rights impacts and the latest scientific research on safe and just planetary boundaries. We act as an expert partner, a sounding board, and a critical friend.   

To amplify the impact and effectiveness of our advisory work, we choose to…

1.    Prioritise ‘ripple projects’ in high impact sectors

We choose to take on work that will have a ripple effect – working with companies that are pivotal to the just transition to environmentally and socially sustainable economies ahead. Whilst human rights is key for all sectors, certain industries are on the frontline when it comes to the inter-play between the climate, environment, biodiversity and human rights. We have chosen to focus our efforts on supporting companies in these sectors – agricultural, apparel, renewable energy and mining.

2.    Adopt a partnership approach

We choose projects where we are viewed as partners to the business; trusted confidants advising companies on the way ahead. We adapt our role, based on how we can reach together the best outcomes for people and planet – whether as an expert partner, a sounding board, or a critical friend.

3.    Bring in senior decision-makers

We love field work – it’s been the basis for us growing as a company. But we also know the limits of good field work when the solutions aren’t embedded throughout the company. That’s why we seek to complement our work at the working levels with Board briefings and Senior conversations, ensuring the progress made can ripple through to the whole business.

Our Impact Content

We dedicate time, energy and resources to amplify knowledge, research and insights that will help companies be human rights confident. We translate concepts into actionable learnings. We equip business with the resources necessary to drive the transition to a sustainable economy.

More specifically, we choose to… 

1.     Be vocal  

We speak frequently on panels and podcasts, we facilitate sessions and dialogues, and we publish insights to highlight the state of the world and the future direction of travel for business. We waive speaker fees and we take on some projects, or parts of projects, pro bono. Why?Because we know that sharing information to enable a faster and more just transition to a sustainable economy is always worth the cost to us as a business. Time is running out – we must act now.

2.     Share actionable insights and knowledge

We are pioneers of creative solutions that help companies transition to a sustainable economy, and we publish our insights and knowledge whenever we can. We feel privileged to shape the business of the future and see it as our responsibility to share these learnings with others in the industry. Only then can we empower more leaders to transform their businesses and accelerate the collective push towards a more sustainable future. 

3.     Elevate reputable research

Government bodies, scientists, civil society organisations, worker organisations, universities, think tanks, law firms, charities and consultancies are actively involved in creating new insights, new studies, new research. The challenge that we hear? That people just don’t have the time to read the deluge of information out there, and don’t always know what to do with it when they do. That’s why we prioritise elevating these latest authoritative reports to ensure busy business leaders have access to condensed, actionable insights.