Just Transition Resources Platform (BSR, The B Team & the We Mean Business Coalition)

Anna Triponel

July 14, 2023

BSR, The B Team and the We Mean Business Coalition have launched the Just Transition Resources Platform (July 2023) to provide tools to companies to plan, implement and advocate for a just transition to a net zero economy. The platform provides guidance on how companies can do this by following four steps:

  • The just transition and ambition. This includes: a) Publicly committing to a just transition; b) Assessing the societal context of the company’s transition; c) Committing to co-developing solutions with affected stakeholders; d) Inspiring peers to act, share learnings with policymakers, and leveraging influence to encourage others to move towards a just transition
  • Action for a just transition. This includes: a) Participating in social dialogue to “[e]nsure workers are informed and consulted on transition plans and initiatives on an ongoing basis so that they can benefit from opportunities brought by your company’s transition”; b) Engaging with affected stakeholders; c) Developing a plan for addressing the just transition; and d) Implementing your company’s plan for addressing the just transition.
  • Advocacy for a just transition. This includes a) Aligning internally on your commitment and approach to a just transition; and b) Make your voice heard by advocating for a just and inclusive transition and engaging responsibly in policy discussions.
  • The just transition and accountability. This includes a) Sharing a ‘just transition plan’ to ensure greater transparency, accountability and facilitate peer learnings; b) Monitoring, measuring, and reporting on progress; c) Disclosing your advocacy positions and activities; and d) Disclosing governance and oversight for a just transition.

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