Updated OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises

Anna Triponel
June 9, 2023
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Hi Everyone,

We have - as you I’m sure - been poring over the updated OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises that are effective as of yesterday! 🥳

We’re delighted to see that a number of our comments to the draft text on just transition, inter-connections, carbon credits, etc etc. are in the updated text (of course - recognising that these comments will have been made by a large number of other organisations as well!). There is so much to highlight, we’re making our key takeaway on this a little longer than usual. 👏

Suffice to say that the world is rapidly changing, and the expectations of companies are too. Companies operating in 2023 will have to look at just transition and the inter-connections between environmental and human rights due diligence. It is the future - but also now the present - for any company. 🕰

You can find an update on our environmental and human rights session with the Cobalt Institute in Turkey here. We are, as soon as I log off here, running a session on this exact topic for the cobalt industry as part of the Cobalt Institute’s Cobalt Learning Group. 💫

We are also thrilled to be continuing our partnership with AIM-Progress and its members on embedding just transition considerations throughout FMCG companies’ business strategies. 🌍

Do take a look at the ‘Just transition risks and impacts identification framework' and see how it applies to your business. We already have in there where the OECD update landed: that environmental impacts of companies matter - even if you can’t specifically show which impacts have been contributed to. And the environmental impacts matter because of their impacts on the planet, as well as their impact on people - but they don’t have to be an impact on people in the immediate term to matter.  ✅

And of course, we’re working with a number of you on this listserv on the inter-connections in practice.

It’s not a question of whether, it’s a question of when and how. And the when has to be now.

Speak soon, Anna