Setting the foundations for impact retreat

Anna Triponel
January 27, 2023
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We have been in our team retreat ‘Setting the foundations for impact’ so we have been unable to summarize reports for you this week.

But instead we give you the gift of three of our team insights - you’re welcome!

  • Enabling deep work: We all know that protecting headspace and energy for deep work is fundamental, but how to do it effectively in an age of email, Slack, Teams, Zooms and pings? We have decided to be more mindful of when our creative energy is at its peak - and to cultivate that moment. This means that we will be looking to protect the mornings for deep work, and prioritise conversations and meetings in the afternoon. Of course, we can make exceptions but this will be our new ‘rule of thumb.’
  • Managing projects effectively: Project management is core to each and every one of our projects. What are we seeking to achieve, what are the steps that need to happen to get there, who will do them and when? We have put in place a new project management system, with guidance from our new Human Level Project Manager Fabienne who joined us this month - welcome Fabienne!
  • Protecting the greatest asset: In an age of polycrises, with multiple paths of change ahead and possible, one can sometimes feel ‘frazzled’. We worked as a team with my amazing coach Amanda on what it means to ‘protect the greatest asset’: i.e., us. For those reading this, this means you. In short, what are you doing every day to bring you joy, serenity and groundedness? How are you ensuring this is protected in your day? I have a pebble by my desk to remind me of this every day. Without it, we cannot tackle anything, let alone the polycrises ahead.

This week we also had the pleasure of launching the Business & Human Rights Lawyers Association (BHRLA) in London, and being part of a very interesting discussion on just transition hosted by Clifford Chance. We will circulate our remarks next week.

I’ve also seen that my book chapter on remedy has just been published - lovely! This brings back lot of memories of late night writing. (You’ll observe this was before the new Deep Work resolution). The official chapter is: ‘Guiding Principle 31: Effectiveness Criteria for Non-Judicial Grievance Mechanisms’, in the book. ‘The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: A Commentary’, edited by Barnali Choudhury. Amazing work by Barnali in what I’m sure was a process of herding cats to get all authors aligned and ready on time. You can find the book here.

Have a good weekend.