Rebecca in town and London workshops 💫

Anna Triponel
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Being together all last week - with half of our New York office in town (Rebecca!) was truly fantastic. 💫

We facilitated a much-needed discussion on the just transition in the food sector with FNET and FNET’s members; we ran our in-person learning and peer sharing workshop for the Cobalt Learning Group - convened by the Cobalt Institute; and we ran our final consultation on the use of ESG standards in the minerals space. 👏

And we have a full week ahead - we ran a session on human rights policies and the importance of embedding this morning, and I’m right now on a train to Peterborough to discuss just transition with AIM-Progress members. 🌱

We have noticed a significant increase in the demand for and need for safe spaces, workshops and working sessions. And this is how it should be. There are so many learnings, shared reflections, challenges and opportunities in this space. No one company can ever have all the answers.

And I can tell you that one of the biggest drivers of the a-ha moments we noticed last week was when we brought newer voices into our conversations - for instance voices from civil society, from expert groups as well as companies from other sectors.

So if you’re not already actively engaging with others about your human rights work, ask yourself: Why not, and how can I start? And how can I look beyond the usual suspects? 🤔

I leave you with these words from the 250 Indigenous leaders’ summit (2017 Uluru Statement): “When we have power over our destiny, our children will flourish.”

To say that Saturday’s referendum in Australia was a failure is an under-statement. The Australian constitution will not recognise the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and they will not be able to create an advisory group to engage with the government on issues affecting their communities. To honour the Yes campaign, we have summarised a call to action from indigenous and tribal peoples related to the EU CSDDD. 📣

Safe travels to all traveling - and don’t forget: Take the train over the plane (wherever feasible to do so)! 🚆