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Anna Triponel
March 10, 2023
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I love podcasts because I get to chat about what I’m passionate about with amazing people! Here are some recent podcasts I’ve been a part of:

  • ‘The Business of Risk: Data Driven Human Rights Due Diligence’: chatting with Abiola Okpechi, co-chair of the Social Responsibility Alliance, and David Schilling, Senior Advisor at the Interfaith Centre on Corporate Responsibility about data-driven human rights due diligence and the role of good quality data in helping companies to respect human rights and to mitigate the risks associated with poor human rights practices. Available here.
  • Just transitions and climate/ env/ human rights inter-connections - a timely topic for GoodCorporation’s inaugural podcast. Plus you get two podcasts in one - but you may need to brush up your French! First one lays the groundwork for understanding the links between human rights and climate change: Why is this a critical issue? What do human rights have to do with climate change? Which human rights are affected by climate change? The second one discusses the role of business, the risks and challenges they face, and provides guidance on how they can change their practices and seize the unique opportunity to implement measures that respect human rights and climate change. Available here.
  • For those at law school looking for their path ahead: Alumni in Excellence. Such a pleasure to be interviewed alongside many friends and colleagues from American University Washington College of Law - many pearls of wisdom in these episodes - and catching up with PILPG founder and my former advanced international law professor Paul Williams was of course the highlight. Available here.

A few others that haven’t been published yet will follow in due course.

To conclude, a film recommendation to celebrate International Women’s Day: She Said. The story of how NYT journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor exposed Harvey Weinstein. The story of how many womens’ lives were changed forever from the sexual abuse they received in the early days of their careers. The story of how a powerful system - involving lawyers, Board members and government institutions - protected Weinstein. And the story of bravery, perseverance … and motherhood. You won’t regret it.