Nature Resolution and words from the IEA

Anna Triponel
October 2, 2023
Climate crisis

What a week!

We’ve seen so many of you - we’ve hosted workshops, working sessions and webinars this week (ahem last week now!), and it’s clear that the energy to discuss meaningful action to advance on rights-respecting business is at an all time high. ⏩

Ana and I are boarding a plane to Doha so this update will be brief. If any of you are reading this from Qatar, chances are we’ll be there by now - please do reach out, we’d love to see you. ✈️

I leave you with this beautiful photo of my hike around Brecon Beacons. The ‘peak tour’ of one day felt considerably easier than the peak tour around Mount Kenya, yet still astoundingly beautiful. Nature resolution: confirmed.🌿

Did you know where the expression ‘to get your foot in the door’ comes from? I found out, while I was underground in a coal mine used from 1810 to 1980, that this came from when children between the age of 6-8 went down to the mines to help their parents, and their job was to open and shut the doors that regulated the air flow. This job - in the dark (candles were expensive), without shoes and surrounded by mice - then guaranteed them a job in the mine. We discovered so much about coal mining - how miners got paid, when they started to be allowed to have days off, and the health hazards. Highly recommend it for those close to Wales. (Big Pit National Coal Museum) 💫

And I leave you with these words from the IEA: “All of us, and in particular future generations, will remember with gratitude those who act upon the urgency of now.”

See you on Friday.