Human Level Youtube Video Series

Anna Triponel
April 29, 2022
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Hello and welcome to our week 2 of Human Level!

It has been truly amazing to get your messages letting us know what you think about the Content Hub – thank you! We feel very strongly about wanting to amplify and elevate thought leadership and resources in the field, still it is quite a time and resource investment, in addition to our busy consulting practice, so we greatly appreciate hearing that this is helpful to you in your work.

We also launched our Be Human Rights Confident video series last week. We are using this video series to respond to questions on business and human rights – with an emphasis on the climate crisis, the just transition, and the business transformation ahead. We are striving to make these important topics accessible, tangible and relatable.

So far, we’ve covered What is the climate crisis and what does it mean for people? This week we are covering the planetary boundaries, and what they mean for business. And next week we will be delving into the just transition.

Following these three foundational pieces, we will be delving into questions that will be tackled with shorter videos. Feel free to reach out if you have a burning question on business and human rights, and the inter-connections between human rights, climate and the environment.

·      Video: What is the climate crisis and what does it mean for people – according to the IPCC

·      Video: What are planetary boundaries, and what do they mean for business?