Human Level taking a summer break ✨

Anna Triponel
July 29, 2023
Climate crisis
Health and wellbeing
Laws and litigation

The last few days, as I’ve been preparing for an out of office break, I’ve had something I read on Linkedin in my head: “My To-Do list is broken. When I tick something off, three items appear.” I’m sure you can all relate, as we are finding ways to get on top of everything before taking time off.

I hope you do all get time this summer to disconnect - even if it’s just for a few days (looking at you my US colleagues 😀). The benefits are immense: in fact, you do your best work when you completely give your brain a break. Backed by research! 💫

We close July in beauty with the Human Level team wrapping up a number of significant projects. A huge congrats to all of the team! 🎉

We have a ta-da list on Slack where we share and celebrate our successes amongst ourselves. It brings me such warmth to see what we can create together as a team. 🌟 The photo below is of some of us (Caroline, Jodie, Ana and myself) after facilitating a very lively workshop on what the EU CSDDD means for companies and what to do to get ready now. (Spoiler alert: the EU CSDDD will significantly reshape your practices in the years to come. Even if you feel your company is already implementing the UNGPs, it will bring much more definition and attention to a number of important areas. Don’t wait to get ready.) 🕰

I celebrate the first day of my holiday today by going to hang out with Greta 🤩. Many of you know two years ago I was in Glasgow at a moving discussion amongst youth climate leaders from around the world on the need for intersectionality in our approach to the climate crisis. And tonight, the group (Greta Thunberg, Tori Tsui, Vanessa Nakate, Daphne Frias, Dominique Palmer, Viviam Villafaña and Mya-rose Craig) gets back together again - in a fireside chat convo before their appearance at Southbank tomorrow. Guess who will be in the front row? 🤔

We’ll be discussing HERO. A very interesting way of backing and supporting climate campaigners and policy changers. We’ll also be discussing Tori Tsui’s book: It's Not Just You. Some words: “Tackling this increasingly urgent crisis requires looking both inwards and outwards, embracing individuality over individualism and championing climate justice. Only then can we start to build better futures for both people and the planet.”

Final word: Do you need an amazing London office for you and your small team?

We’ve got just the place for you! We are looking for a co-share of our office. We use it 2-3 days per week, and we want be part of the sharing economy so that we share our office with another organisation that uses it 2-3 days per week.

It is a true gem of an office, since we were the first to move in to the place. We have a gorgeous view on the park (close to Aldgate East) 🌿; we have light coming in; we have a lovely team table for collaborative work - whiteboards, corkboards, break out rooms - all you need for creative work. It houses up to 6 people. Do reach out if interested to be part of the sharing economy with us - but if I don’t get back to you straight away, know that it’s because I’m in disconnection world so that I can better respond upon my return 😁.

Sending much warmth to all on this listserv who are working tirelessly to make the world and corporate practices more rights-respecting, nature positive and net zero. I do hope you have a lovely summer. We’ll be back in your inboxes in September.