Greenwashing and Carbon Offsets

Anna Triponel
May 19, 2023
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Happy Friday! A few quick updates:

  • We’ve spoken previously about greenwashing, and the enforcement by the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) - the UK’s advertising watchdog - against Lufthansa and Etihad. The latest is that ASA is now going to start to crack down on adverts that claim products are carbon neutral using offsets. If your company is using terms such as “carbon neutral”, “net zero” or “nature positive”, watch out! Find out more here.❗
  • We’ve heard from some of you about your disappointment that Thomson Reuters Foundation is unable to provide you a space in their training. We are so sorry - we are simply the content experts and have not been involved at all in the logistics or participants selection. I know that they had huge interest and not enough spaces so they had to turn a large number away. This has reinforced our commitment to provide as many training materials and content for free as possible. Stay tuned for more on this in due course! 👏
  • In the meantime, see here our latest video on responsible contracts - our foundational video. And next week, we will release a conversation Malin and I had on this topic a few weeks ago, as part of our Be Human Rights Confident for Lawyers Series. ⚖️

See you next Friday, Anna ✨