And we’re back! Welcoming our new team members

Anna Triponel
September 9, 2022
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And we’re back! It’s good to be back with you, we missed you too!

We hope you all had a lovely restful summer break, and are ready for the path ahead of us. We have taken time to reflect this summer on how we can best support the transition to net zero in a rights-respectful way, and we come back to - it’s all about the people. You reading this, people on the ground, people around us, and people we haven’t even met yet. We can’t have an impact without collaborations, partnerships and synergies. To this end, we have been expanding our team at Human Level, as well as re-connecting with colleagues, peers and friends. We are thrilled to welcome Jodie and Selwyn to our Human Level team, and to welcome Malin as an Advisory Partner. I’ve been working with Malin on these topics for over ten years, and it’s fantastic to formalise our partnership.

On a related note, the Council of Europe has reached out letting us know that we’ve had great feedback on our business and human rights course (an “excellent course” in the words of one lawyer!), which I helped develop alongside Jennifer Zerk and Claire Methven O’Brien. Although primarily for legal professionals, it’s of relevance to anyone seeking a better understanding of business and human rights. It’s only 6 hours long. If you go to the start of ‘Module 3 - Preventing harm: the role of business’, you’ll find a 12-minute video we recorded with all of the essentials on business and human rights for companies. The module also benefits from some lovely diagrams (which I cannot take any credit for!). The course if here, if you have 12 minutes (or longer) to spare.