A whirlwind of a week for Human Level!

Anna Triponel
July 1, 2023
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What a whirlwind of a week!


  • presented at the WBCSD’s masterclass on climate and human rights
  • led a session with AIM Progress members on where we are on just transition in the FMCG sector and where we go from here
  • led our 3-day course for lawyers, reporting professionals and ESG professionals in partnership with Thomson Reuters Foundation, Mazars and Forum for the Future
  • facilitated a session on contracts and human rights for the Cobalt Learning Group - where we had a fantastic discussion with our friends from the Responsible Contracting Project

Within all of this, on Wednesday I celebrated my birthday with family members in town from the other side of the world. We went to the planetarium at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. It is such a humbling experience to see our tiny little planet surrounded by so many other planets and 10 billion stars - and then zooming out and seeing our galaxy from afar.

It really makes you think… the stars really had to align (pun intended!) for us to be here. Our planet could very easily have been uninhabitable - all it took was the perfect alignment around the Sun. And now here we all are, pushing hard to ensure that our planet can remain habitable.

Some good news: some of you know my obsession with sustainable aviation fuel which has emerged as the only way to decarbonize the aviation sector. The World Economic Forum reports that there is significant activity around the development of SAF, with airlines, manufacturers and fuel companies working around the clock to enable the scale we need (from 1% today to 13-15% by 2040). And this year, we will see the first net-zero transatlantic flight ever! Relying purely on SAF.

What a nice way to enter the weekend. Happy Weekend to all. And if I owe you an email, bear with us as we enter a calmer week next week.


PS: If you are interested in reporting and the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), do check out the key messages from Shift, the B Team and the World Benchmarking Alliance. Definitely check this out if you are planning on responding to the ISSB consultation.

Source: American Museum of National History, The Milky Way Galaxy