A tribute to Jon Ruggie & the UNGPs

Anna Triponel
June 16, 2023
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It’s a very big birthday today! 🎂 12 years

Just like we sometimes feel as people, the UN Guiding Principles feel both young, and old at the same time. 🤗

Young, because the concepts they provide for are still coming to life in a multitude of different ways, and more than standing the test of time as the UNGPs respond to rapid changes in operating contexts. 🌍

But old, because we can’t quite remember a world where there were no clear expectations of companies when it came to human rights. 🤔

But what will never leave my mind was John Ruggie’s drive, empathy, compassion, dedication, commitment, diplomatic skills, and wisdom - all of which brought us to this point.

In yet another example, I’ve just finished reading the EU Battery Regulation passed this week, and there again, you have the first circular economy regulation of its kind firmly grounded on due diligence based on the UN Guiding Principles.

As I celebrate the UNGPs’ birthday today, I celebrate John Ruggie and the legacy he left for us all to build on.