2023 Cobalt Congress

Anna Triponel
May 12, 2023
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If we are connected on Linkedin, you will know what I’m going to talk about (and if we’re not, let’s connect!)

Cobalt. All things cobalt. This week has been all about cobalt at the Cobalt Congress 2023 in Istanbul. Cobalt blue wardrobes, cobalt blue cocktails - but also of course more seriously the environmental and human rights risks involved with cobalt, and the direction of travel for cobalt. I learnt so much. 🌎

If you want to find out about what I learnt about cobalt (alongside some lovely photos), click here 🌟

If you want to learn more about the environmental and human rights due diligence session I facilitated with a number of insightful speakers, click here 🌟

And if you’re interested in finding out more about what we’ve been doing with the global trade association Cobalt Institute over the past two years and where the human rights and environmental risks are for the cobalt industry, see here

Now let’s segue into the role of the lawyer. ⚖️

Can I just say how much I loved my recent conversation with Alasdair Cameron from the Law Society. For those who haven’t followed, Alasdair spearheaded, alongside the Law Society’s climate change working group, the first ever guidance for lawyers and law firms on climate change. We highlighted it a few weeks ago, and you can find our conversation here. ✅

Although part of our Be Human Rights Confident for Lawyers series, I’d say this is relevant for anyone who has a lawyer in their life somewhere (and who doesn’t? Lawyers are everywhere, as John Ruggie liked to say) 🤔

I leave you with words from Alasdair: “Lawyers sit at a really interesting intersection where the climate crisis is a giant issue. They can actually pivot a lot of decision-making in a really impactful and powerful way.” 👏

Have a good weekend all,